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I went to Tina for a birth chart reading for the first time over 6 years ago and have become a regular since! She has such a great way of explaining what your chart says in a way that is easy to understand and helps guide you so that you’re using where your planets are to make the best decisions for you. Sometimes there are things you don’t want to hear, but she shares them as a precaution, reminding me that I always have free will in my choices. She’s also made my skeptical husband quite the believer as all of her readings have always been 100% accurate. She’s the real deal! 

Jackie O.

If you want a detailed, comprehensive birth chart reading from someone with extensive knowledge of astrology, look no further than Tina Karras. She’s able to look at your chart and, without hesitation, explain not only what each signs’ placement on your chart means in general, but what it means specific to your life and your experiences. She’s incredibly accurate and explains things in ways easy to understand.

Despina K.

She is a natural.  I have seen many astrologers in the past but Tina’s gift stands out.

Alexander M.

My chart reading with Tina was a totally enlightening experience! She gave me insights have that allowed me understand the various aspects of myself and how to call on each to help me in different areas of my life.  
The clarity that Tina’s chart reading gave me has changed the way I see myself, my place in the world and how I’m moving through it - all for the better.
Tina is an amazing person with a tremendous gift to heal others through astrology.

Tara M.

Tina reading my birth chart gave me so much clarity with helping me understand myself. She was able to give me guidance to help me with future decisions and personal goals . Because of her I am able to trust and surrender to the universe because it’s all written in the stars above. She helped me with my spiritual awakening. I can’t thank her enough for her talents and Guidance! 

Stephanie S.

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