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Finding a Deeper Meaning Through Your Birth Chart

Tina has always been fascinated by the stars and our place in the Universe.  From a young age, she was influenced by her grandmother who was a hands on healer from Sparta, Greece.  Tina realized  that she had a gift of healing through astrological readings while reading for friends and family.  Tina focuses on the birth chart and how the unique pattern of placements are a key to a person’s psychology.  By discussing these placements, she helps the person make peace within so that they can create their lives with more confidence and purpose.  Many of her clients still refer to her readings decades later because of the impact and advice that actually improved their relationship with themselves and their relationships with others.  Tina uses humor and metaphors to help the person understand their unique chart on many levels.  She has a true passion and joy in her readings and loves to help inspire clients to be the best version of themselves and to embrace their individuality.


I went to Tina for a birth chart reading for the first time over 6 years ago and have become a regular since! She has such a great way of explaining what your chart says in a way that is easy to understand and helps guide you so that you’re using where your planets are to make the best decisions for you. Sometimes there are things you don’t want to hear, but she shares them as a precaution, reminding me that I always have free will in my choices. She’s also made my skeptical husband quite the believer as all of her readings have always been 100% accurate. She’s the real deal! 

Jackie O.

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